05 May

Thanks to internet-based gambling you can now find many unique interesting games that would not be possible at land-based operators. This allows players to have a fresh twist on the game they love or discover something new that hasn’t been tried before. In this way, virtual gambling represents an evolution of physical casinos that has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Here are some alternative versions of games you might not know about:

Live Common Draw Blackjack

Like other online versions of popular blackjack casino games, this form of the table classic sees multiple users playing together but with the same hand in a live format. This ensures that all players are able to join at any time without having to wait. It can act as a perfect way to practice for a tournament or just to learn the game properly. Many traditional land-based casino players have found this useful when starting out at online operators.  

Dual Play Roulette 

Evolution Gaming has released a version of the much-beloved game of chance that sees physical and virtual casino players betting on the same roulette wheel. This is similar to other live game offerings with the exception of it being played in an active land-based casino. For those who are just starting to play virtually, this can give you a very immersive fun-filled familiar experience. 

Double Joker Power Poker 

This version of the card classic works in much the same way as other popular versions but with the inclusion of 2 jokers. These joker cards can be used as stand-ins for any other card in a standard single deck. With this variation of the rules, players are able to make more choices with a strategy being key to winning. This is a good choice for those that love poker but maybe want something slightly different. 

Multi-Camera Live Baccarat

Baccarat like this gives you a suspenseful engaging gambling experience unlike anything else. It works by having multiple cameras set up around a baccarat dealer which are then controlled by an operator. This allows for closeups, different viewpoints, and cutaway shots that all add up to a more dramatic ‘real casino’ atmosphere. Overall this makes for one of the best virtual casino experiences you can have at the moment. 

If you have been searching for something new or different at your favorite casino for a while now you have some more options. These unique offerings provide an experience that even veteran online players have been impressed by. For more special and different game options be sure to visit Casino HEX.

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